Monday, April 09, 2007


He Is Risen! What a celebration! Easter is such a meaningful celebration, because Jesus Christ died for all our sins and rose again 3 days later. You see, there is Crucifixion & Resurrection - how on earth did Easter bunnies and Chocolate covered eggs find its way to Easter. There is no meaning whatsoever. I hate it whenever such meaningful celebrations are commercialised. Anyway, that is Easter. He came, He died (for our sins) and He rose again. Thank you Jesus for giving us new life.

Anyway, the entire weekend, [which started on Friday for me], has ended. I am back @ work. It is so strange, the entire week of work moves ever so slowly, but the weekend, just ends in a second. Arrrggghhhh! Anyway, I am so proud of myself for completing the time of Lent without any consumption of alcohol. I vowed that I will not drink any alcohol throughout the Lent. I managed to do it. But, just to take it further, I will not drink for one more week. It was a good 46 days without any alcohol. You guys should try it too - we need to detox every once in a while you know.

More tomorrow. I will be visiting Ah Meng, my VW specialist in the morning. The beauty will be going in for a full restoration soon. So, till that happens, need to compile some ideas, get the engine running well and so on. So, tomorrow for a regular check up.

Cheers fellers!

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