Friday, April 20, 2007

A Year Older....damn!

Well, another year has passed. Getting older, hopefully wiser. It has truly been an interesting year. I'm sure this year will be the same as well. A lot of events to look forward to. I hope and pray everything goes according to plan.

As I was reminiscing my past birthdays, an article that I was reading yesterday struck me. I still remember how 'whacky' birthdays used to be. I remember smearing birthday boys with eggs, flour and water. A deadly concoction which sticks on your hair and school uniform for days if not soaked in hot water and soap instantly. It was fun though. Everyone got it. No one was spared. Boys from 4 / 5 Science 6 from St.Michael's Institution, Ipoh should be able to testify to this. Anyway, a year older is what we will all go through. So lets not complain about how older we get or how much of wrinkles we are seeing on our faces or how forgetful we are becoming, but think of how precious life is and how lucky we are to experience life for a whole new year. Remember, life is short. Enjoy it to the best!

A good read:
Since every year of age can be seen as a minor transition, this can be accompanied by some traditional initiation rite such as a birthday spanking, after which the honoree may in some traditions receive a "pinch to grow an inch." It is also traditional in schools in some areas of Britain to 'bump' people on their birthday. This involves them being hoisted face up by arms and legs and allowed to fall; pulling on the limbs restrains the fall so that the victim does not quite hit the ground. This is repeated for the number of the times when equaled to their birthday age. On one last hoist the celebrant is often allowed to fall to the ground on their backs. A less painful way is to be lifted in the air while sitting on a chair. Then the last lift is usually made higher than the others.

A similar tradition in schools are 'birthday beats' or 'birthday bashings' in which the birthday child receives a number of punches on their arm that equals their age (for example, 14 punches on the arm for a 14-year-old). Usually it is followed with a 'one for luck' punch which tends to be harder than the rest. Birthday beats are not often malicious but sometimes can be considered bullying and may ruin a child's special day. All hits can be given either on the day of the birthday, or the day following the birthday (in which case it would be called "belated birthday beats").

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