Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yummy Yummy!

I am in Melaka today. Just got back for the Easter weekend. It was a rather fast drive. We left Sec.14 at approx 7.30am and we reached our house in Melaka @ 8.55am. It wasn't jammed, so I enjoyed the morning drive. Upon arriving, I had to go to the Church to get the songs done. I am doing P&W trow. So, I am planning to introduce a new song. {Please click on the link below to watch the music video}. One of the most meaningful Easter songs I have ever come across [thanks Ems]. Upon getting the PPS done in Church got back to have lunch. Now, this was awesome. Mum cooked : Sambal assam pedas fish, frech beans with prawns, rassam, papaddam and some lime pickle. Awesome, simply awesome! I ate and ate and ate. It was so delicious. It is true that one does not appreciate the best of home cooked meals, until he/she leaves home for a while.

Anyway, we have P&W practice later today. I've got 2 other musicians helping me out - a bassist and a drummer. So, that's all for now. More later tonight.

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