Monday, September 03, 2007

50 Hours Non Stop Drums Action....

I will be attending the event above from Fri (7/9) till Sun (9/9). This is an event organised by DRUMMERFORCHRIST.COM - an event commemorating our 50 years of Independence here in Malaysia. About 50 drummers from all over Malaysia will be participating in this 50 hours of non stop drumming - in a process of creating a new Malaysian Record. I was honoured to be chosen to be a participant as well. So, if you guys are free, please come. My slots are as follows :-
8th Sept 2007 (Sat) 12.00am
9th Sept 2007 (Sun) 6.00am
9th Sept 2007 (Sun) Between 12.00 noon and 5.00pm
You see the thing is, all of us will be taking turns. So, please come on the times above. As I start the session on both Sat and Sun.
I will be posting some pictures on Mon, after the event. Please pray for good flow during the event, good weather, good turn-out and a success in creating history.
God Bless!

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