Monday, September 03, 2007

Bug Fest 2007

Last Saturday, the Beetle Club of Malaysia organised its annual Bug Fest. It is an event where all the bugs around the Klang Valley and in fact some from outstation come as well to participate in this show. It is a Beetle Show. Well, I missed it last year as I was back in Melaka, so I had to go for it this time. It was fun. We (Myself - VW Beetle 1200 1973, Rufus - VW Beetle 1300 1968 and Risberg - VW Beetle 1600 1972) convoyed to the venue - Summit in Subang Jaya. It was a decent turn out. I did not expect that many people to come. But I met people of different backgrounds, who had different stories to tell about their Bugs. The funny thing was I saw a whole load of ‘A’ plated cars – all my Ipoh-mali fellows la. So, it was nice to meet some old friends as well.

Can you imagine, for such an event, I forget to bring my camera. @#$%^&* Yeah I know! Anyway, I was glad Foong brought his new phone, so he was my camera man. He took some decent pictures.

There were many categories:-
1. Best Restored 67 / 69 / 72
2. Best Paint-Job
3. Best Engine
4. Best Interior
5. Best Sound System
6. Best Car of the Bug Fest 2007 [Overall ]

We did not participate in any of the competitions as we're still in the process of pimpin' our rides. It will take a while. Then again, we're in no rush, but we hope to be able to participate in the 2010 Bug Fest in JB.

We left Summit at about 8pm as we had our jamming practice in USJ as well.

'VW For Life'
Selma chillin' by the side

A glimpse of all the cars that were there

Interesting paint-job

This is my favourite car of the entire event - The Classic

And there she is again......

Not bad as well

Nice black though

This is known as 'The Thing'

Best Restored 1967

The owner of Concept Auto Supplies' car

This is an interesting picture because all the pre-war hats of the German Army are displayed behind the back seat of the car

Best Sound System.... why, see pictures below!


I know, I don't even know half of what is in there

A cute Half-Kombi

I don't know what was the objective of the owner

Beautiful 1954

There she is again

California Look

Check out the visors

Very clean and nice white walls on this fellow

Yeah, the Best Restored 1967 again.

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