Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yamaha...In Your Face!

I did not say much about my trip to Melaka last weekend. Well, that is because there was nothing much to say - except for the fact that I really enjoyed Amma's cooking. The reason for the trip was to purchase the new drum set for the Church. I arrived in Melaka at 11.00am and contacted David (City Music) to enquire about the status of the arrival of the drum set. To my shock, he had not received any call from Yamaha pertaining the issue. He has been trying to call them so many times, but to no avail. I was extremely pissed off because Appa had planned to bless the drum set in Church during service the next day. The cheque was made ready and everything was sorted out - just waiting for the new drum set. David told me that the Sales Representative in Yamaha, Jackie Klassen was in charge of the delivery. Now, I called Ms. Klassen - who was very rude over the phone and worse, she hung up on me. I tried calling her back, but no answer. I sent her a sweet sms and told David to cancel all orders that I had with Yamaha. It is sad that Yamaha lost a huge sale just because of 1 idiotic person. Anyway, I went and spoke to David personally, went through some catalogs, checked out some kits on the Net and I've decided to purchase the Tama Superstar. All other parts of the drum remains the same. The Tama Superstar is the top of the range as far as the rock series of drums are concern.
We will be getting it sometime mid October. This time I have decided not to rush David, since Appa said he won't be in Melaka over the next 3 weekends. Hope to get it as soon as possible.
Melaka was fine. Service went on well. I played the piano for Amma, she led in P&W. In fact last weekend, the Women's Fellowship of Christ Church conducted the entire service. It was nice. After that there was good breakfast as well. Got back, slept for a while and then got ready to leave. Rems arrived at about 4.15, had lunch with me and then Amma packed some food for all of us. There was briyani rice, mutton perattel, rassam, fried chicken, mix vege, appalams and not forgetting some nice pickles. We left Melaka at about 5, stopped at the Seremban rest area for a cup of tea and reached KL at about 7.00pm.
At night met up with Rems to watch the Man Utd v Chelsea game - @ t-Club. Good game, I must say - Glory Glory Man Utd!

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