Monday, September 10, 2007

We Made It....50 Hours Non Stop Drum Action

Yes! We made it! About 35 drummers took part in this feat. We were on a mission to create a new record as far as the Malaysian Book of Records was concern - and by God's grace we made it. It started @ 4pm on the 7th of Sept 2007 and it went on until 7pm on the 9th of Sept 2007. My shift was from 12.00mn till 6.00am on the 8th of Sept and from 6.00am till 12.00noon & 12.00noon till 7.00pm on the 9th of Sept. Boy was it tiring. It was a huge task. When I went for the briefing on the 7th at 1.00pm in Sg Wang Plaza, I was wondering if we could actually make it. But when I started meeting all the other drummers, I knew for a fact that we will be making history. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be in the midst of such God-fearing and dedicated boys and girls. The average age of all the participants is about 21. We had at least 15 teenagers - all with such strong zeal to create this record.
This is how it went. There were 3 drumsets on the stage. At any one point at least 1 drummer must keep playing. The drum action should never stop. Assuming one of the drummer gets tired, then he/she would have to alert the Stage Manager who would then ask any other drummers on the particular shift to step in. It was really fun, because in all 3 of my shifts I had the chance to play with wonderful groups of boys and girls. Whenever we played, we always changed the beat according to the mood of the crowd, we rolled in sync and we also allowed each other to give solo performances. It was a nice jamming session that we had. No one was trying to out-do each other. It was pure fun and entertainment.
We were privileged to have Jerry Felix as one of the drummers. Jerry Felix is a rock legend as far as the Malaysian rock scene is concern. It was a humbling experience to be able to back him up and then take over when he was 'signing off' the first shift I started.
My thanks and appreciation to my dearest Tasha who stayed with me throughout my entire first shift, yes she did. She stayed with me from 12.00mn till 6.00am. She supported me all the way. Throughout the entire 3 days of playing I played approximately 220 minutes (3 hours and 40 mins). I would also like to thank Teo and Philip (my office colleagues) for making time at 12.00mn on the 8th and coming to support me. To my dearest Akka (Brenda), thank you very much for taking the trouble to come over on the 9th at 12.00noon, amidst all the traffic jam and the heat - just because this means a lot to me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I will be posting some pics of the event soon. So, do check it out in a days' time. Since I was playing the drums most of the time, I could not take any pics, so I got Tasha to take them for me. She took some pics and a video (reasonable quality) as well. I will post it soon.
To God Be The Glory!

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