Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Drum Kit....

I will be going back to Melaka this weekend. Tasha and I will be taking the bus there, but Rems will be picking us up on his way back from Batu Pahat (he is attending a wedding). Anyway, the reason for my trip this time is because we are purchasing a new drum kit for the Church. The Church is in the process of revamping the musical instruments in the Church. So, we will start off with the drums first. The condition of our current drum set is deplorable. It has served faithfully for the past 15 years. Yeah, it is about time. Anyway, I have been looking around, doing my own research on the Net and of course speaking to a few drummers. I have made up my mind in getting the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau (as shown in the picture above). Now, this is just the drum kit. I have chosen the Sabian B8s and the Pearl throne. I can't wait for the entire kit to arrive at the Church. According to David from City Music Melaka, there are 2 available colours, the regular black and an amber with a mahogany finish. Yes, that is what we will be getting.

Anyway, this trip should be good. I will be posting some pictures of the new kit soon.

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