Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Damn It!

I hate the way I feel right now. It has been approximately 2 months and I have been feeling the same. Work is not as good as it used to be. My creativity has diminished for my music - I have always been the creative and adventurous one in the band. I almost lost many friends - and these are good friends by the way. I am leaving for Beijing for the Olympics in 4 days time and I am not even slightly excited about it.

I have been keeping myself busy with whatever I can think of doing, but honestly, I feel like shit. I don't know why? I don't know what is the reason, but I know there are so many contributing factors to this feeling. I have never felt this way before.

I do hope I come out of this.


1 comment:

Louisa said...

take heart my dear friend...let these winds pass on..making room for new ones to settle in..

God bless ever so dearly.