Monday, July 28, 2008

Showcase Performance @ The Attic....

I know... I know it has been a while since I posted about Vessel of Worship ;) - so here goes!

We (V of W) were invited by the Organising Committee of the Attic's Got Talent competition to perform on the 23rd of July 2008 (Tue). It was a unique experience because we were given a 45 mins slot for the night. Now, V of W have never done any show for 45mins - anywhere. To make matters worse, we did not even have the time to practise. But we took everything in a stride. I suggested that we'd do an acoustic performance. Since we did not have the full band with us (Mark is away on work and Dharmin is away on performances), we invited 2 other musicians to session with us. Edwin (leads) and Jeff (bass). Unfortunately, Jeff could not make it for the night and I only knew about it on the night before the show. Anyway, by God's grace we made do with whatever we had. I got Ruf to play the rhythm, Risberg to play the bass and Winston to play the congas. Edwin did the lead work for the songs and I sang - but I played the piano for a song as well.

We (all the patrons @ the Attic) were blessed to have Nick Davies perform a line-up of his own songs for us. He had his violinist back him up. He has got a very soulful voice - I'd like to call him the new generation of India Arie / Corrs. He gives every song a Corrs feel to it. Very nice. Anyway, it was very nice of him to invite me to jam alongside him on his last song. It was a freestyle number, but we jammed and we got the mood started for the night - thank you Nick.

Anyway, there was a 30 mins break and then Vessel of Worship got ourselves ready and started performing. We did a good set of 45mins. If I remember correctly, we did take a break in between the entire set - but that was the band. While they took a break, I sang 'Chariot' and played the piano. And then we came back for our final 20 mins of the entire set. During the last 20 mins of the set, I invited Hari (beatboxer cum sangeetham specialist) to come up and join us in our rendition of Psalm 23. It was a song I wrote with Rufus sometime last year. I still feel that was still our best song that night.

I am very grateful to all the people below who made the performance at the Attic on the 23rd of July 2008, very special to us (V of W):-

1. Juliet, Ann and Luna (Attic)
2. Vikhram & Aylia (who rushed right after work)
3. Vick (who came for the entire performance and then rushed to work)
4. Gopi & Kogilah (who have never missed any of our performances)
5. Sherril Louisa Jeanne' Netto (a dear friend)
6. Sheila, Noel, Rajan, Antho & Serene for the support and cheering :)
7. Edwin for helping the band with the leads at the last minute of asking
8. Sir Surin and Ms. Brenda for their never ending support
9. Last but not least, all those who came and supported us..


We do not know when our next performance will be. But I will keep everyone updated on fb and on the blog as well. Tentatively, the finals for the Attic's Got Talent competition is on the 30th of Sept 2008 - however, I will let you all know if there are any changes.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken that night:-

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