Monday, May 07, 2007

Glory Glory Man Utd....

The Red Army has finally sealed the Premiership crown that we lost for the past 2 years. This was one of the toughest seasons ever. I would conclude that we have won the toughest league in the world. Sir Alex has concluded that, "This is the one". This was what he had been working towards. Not the FA Cup and not the UEFA Champions League. Although it may have been nice to have won all 3. But, in today's football world, we have to be realistic. To be honest, this is a much bigger win than the FA Cup or the UEFA Champions League - because without a doubt this is the BEST & the TOUGHEST league in the world.

What a season it has been? With Chelsea dominating the first few months of the season, some of us were sceptical about the earlier performances of our players. But we kept pressurising the Blues again and again, one game at a time. Eventually, we started telling ourselves that this is ours for the taking. We are not going to concede defeat again. Not this time. We have proved our critics wrong, that we are unworthy to win the Premiership again. 9 TIMES, that is the number of times we have proved our critics wrong. Anyway, it was not an easy win. It was a kick on the tooth when the Blues equalised against Arsenal in the late game last night. But when the result ended in a 1-1 draw at the Emirates it was impossible for Chelsea to chase us anymore.

It was a gritty performance by United in the derby when we won it 0-1. If not for a beautiful save by van der Sar, the title would have gone to the wire. So, now with the Premiership out of the way, it is time to save our best players for the FA Cup finals at the new Wembley and to give our juniors a chance to feel the intensity of the Premiership.


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