Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today the Red Army face a very important game. We face AC Milan @ the San Siro. We are currently leading the aggregate with 3-2. But this will not be an easy win for us. We will have to fight it out till the final whistle to ensure ourselves a place in the Final. Congratulations to the Pudlians for getting through early this morning when they humbled Chelsea on penalty kicks. A scoreline of 1-1 (on aggregate) and 4-1 in penalties was simply too much for the Blues to bear (I'm sorry Rems!) Anyway, today we have to win.

I am rather happy with the overall performance of Man Utd. They have been steadily overcoming all games. For those of you who watched the last away game at Goodison Park - you know what I mean. If we can carry on with the same performances throughout the entire season, with only approximately 3-5 games left (I am assuming we qualify to the Finals). We will win the treble. Lets just hope and pray.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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