Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, it was the weekend of the month again. It has been quite a while since I last went back to Melaka to visit my folks. This time, I had to come earlier than usual as I was helping out in the P&W and music for the Thanksgiving Service of the late Mrs. Cecilia Chung. We (Tasha, Caesar and myself) left KL at about 9.30am and we reached Melaka at sharp 11.00am. I was in a rush, so Tasha dropped me at the Church for the practice and went to visit Auntie Rani. After practice, I headed back home to enjoy some gastronomical delights prepared by Amma. I gave Amma the menu 2 days ago. The food waiting for me were : White rice, fish curry, potato sambal, french beans cooked with prawns, pappadam and some pickles. Oh boy, I ate and ate and ate - till I was so full, that I had to rest for a while before going to sleep.

Had a short snooze then Tasha came back and woke me up. I had another practice session in the Church at 4.00pm. So she dropped me off and went to get some canned food for Caesar. By the time, she came back to fetch me, I was done with practice. Went back home, got dressed and rushed back to the Church for the Thanksgiving Service. Everything went well. The songs went well. I was rather suprised when I got there as I had to accompany another singer on the piano as well. But as I said, it all went well, thanks be to God.

Anyway, after the service we all headed to Hi-King Restaurant in Melaka Raya. It was hosted by Mr. & Mrs Ong Kim Cheng and Mr. Chung. It was a nice dinner. We had good company. Our table was strictly reserved for youths and young adults - by Clarice (grand-daughter of the late Mrs. Cecilia). She made sure no parents sat on our table. So, it was fun, reminiscing some of our old school days experiences. She had a lot to tell, so we were her ardent audience. It was interesting. Anyway, after that we headed home as we had to visit Auntie Rani. We went there for a while. Caesar was the one having the most fun - running all over the neighbourhood and playing with Sheeba and Snowy (Auntie Rani's doggies). As it was getting late and since I was not feeling too well (the heat in Melaka is unbearable - I got this massive head-ache, still having it actually). So, upon getting back, had a cold shower, had some more of those fish curry and bread, took them paracetamols and I am heading for the sack in a while. So just as I am about to end this day, I thought of penning down how it went.

I have posted some pictures taken @ the dinner. More to be added tomorrow.

Myself, Tasha, Pearly and Dham (we are also known to be twins, he being the better looking one, of course!)

Shobie Shobs & Balla

Anto' ever so jovial

Nancy, Clarice & Richmond

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