Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Was in Melaka last weekend. It was fun, fun, fun. We left KL in the morning. Shobs, met us @ the Asiajaya LRT station and we convoyed. Tasha hopped in with her, the boys drove with Caesar. Oh yeah, by the way, Jam came as well. We left KL at about 8am and reached Melaka just before 10am. It was a slow drive, stopped a couple of times.

Upon arriving, we headed to TESCO to buy all the stuff we needed for the BBQ later that night. Upon buying everything, headed home, cos mum had to marinate all the meats. After that we headed to the Stadium Tun Fatimah, Tasha's cousin Natasha was running. She is an athlete in the making. She is currently representing Melaka in 4x100. Her favourite events are the 100m, 200m and 4x100m. She reminds me of myself. How I used to be so active in the athletics team in my school. She did well, this being her first state outing and she was way younger than the rest of the runners. Jam took quite a few pics. They are posted below.

Anyway, got home to rest for a while and it was time to prepare for the BBQ. I got the fire started and we started cooking @ exactly 7.30pm. We had chicken drumsticks, lamb steaks and fish marinated with assam pedas. Tasha also made some lovely potato salad. Well, I started warming up for the night with a 6 pack of Tigers, Jam joined me later. The night ended @ home @ about 11, then we were off to Ringo's. Ringo wasnt around, so we drank till about 12.30am and left back home to rest - church the next day @ 8.30am, and I'm playing the piano for P&W.

After service, we went for bfast at Selvams - the best 'uth-appam' in the country. It was delicious. For those of you'll who don't know what 'uth-appam' is - well, it is a very thick thosai, but small, garnished with onions and chillies - nice. Goes very well with fish curry and a special chutney only found in Selvams. So, if you want to try it, come to Melaka, hehehehe! Moving on, after bfast, we went back to the stadium again to watch Natasha. It was over by the time we got there, but nevermind. Spent some time with Uncle John & Auntie Rani. Hans was @ church so we couldnt see him this time around. Anyway, after that we headed back home for a well deserved sleep, had a late lunch and headed back to KL.

So I can say that Melaka was absolutely awesome!!

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