Thursday, May 03, 2007

Man Utd....

The Red Army was humbled by a side that was eager to turn the 3-2 deficit to a romp at the San Siro. Yes. AC Milan played the match of their lives. It was hard to watch The Red Army failing to hold possession of the ball, giving away passes and not converting in the limited chances they had. Well, if you ask me, AC Milan played so well, that they were not so much interested in beating Man Utd convincingly (although they did), but what motivated them was to avenge the loss in Istanbul. So, congratulations to AC Milan on their splendid victory at the San Siro.

This year's Final would be an interesting match to watch. The Pudlians will want to win it to make them the 6 time winners of the competition and the only silverware they can ever win this season. Where as the Rossoneris are aiming to revenge the loss at Istanbul in 2005 and of course to win their only silverware this season. So, it will be a mouth-watering encounter. I will not miss it for the world - in my MAN UTD jersey!

My best wishes to Liverpool as the only surviving English team. 3 teams from the English Premier League and 1 Italian team qualified for the Semi-Finals. It will be a major let down if the Italian outfit win it. It would turn out to prove that the English are unworthy of Champions League pressure. I do hope Liverpool will salvage the pride of English football.

A lot of football fans across the world supporting different football clubs come up with so many excuses defending the pride of their team, whenever their team loses. I have heard: "The manager had the wrong choice of players" ; "This player didn't play well" ; "The referee was bias" ; "It was raining" ; "The team burned out too soon" and a whole lot of other nonsense. But if you ask me, why did Manchester United lose yesterday? It is simply because AC Milan was a better team - PERIOD. We lost to a better team. There is no regret in losing, because we have been playing well in all competitions (Premier League, FA Cup and the Champions League - till yesterday). So, let this loss motivate us to keep charging at the remaining 2 possible silverwares we could get out hands on.

Still and always Glory Glory Man Utd!

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