Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Mother's Day...

Some of you may have read the posting earlier on parents - however, this entry is to wish all the mothers in the world, especially my dearest Amma a very Happy Mother's Day. My mum has been my pillar of strength, my source of encouragement and my ever so loving friend. She, in fact has been the only TRUE friend I have ever had since birth. I can talk to her about anything at all. Whenever I go back home to meet Appa and Amma, I will always cherish the time we spend together. We sit down and have a drink together (she sips her favourite red wine - Lambrasco, while I'll have my Tiger beer) while we watch the weekend Man Utd game or a Tamil movie that I only watch when I'm with her - I have never watched a Tamil movie on my own. We chill at the dining table talking about how our week had been. We humour ourselves with all the strange characters that we may have encountered during the week and so on. Some of the lads at work will be able to testify - Amma's cooking is THE BEST in the world. Everytime I go back to Melaka, she always cooks something different - from the mutton perattals, to the chicken varuvels, to the power-pack rassams not forgetting the assam pedas fish (her recent speciality). But whenever I go home the only thing I look forward to, is that warm hug and kiss she showers us with, as we enter the house. Then of course it is straight to the dining table, hehehehe.

It is such a pity that I can't spend this year's Mother's Day with Amma. I'll be off to Miri for the International Jazz Festival (will post about the event once I get back - 11th & 12th of May 2007). But I have promised her to be back the week after that. Can't wait for that.

Mums have always been the strength of a successful individual. I know my mum has not only been my strength, but also the only one who has been able to put up with all the nonsense that I have been up to. Now, when I say all the nonsense - I mean ALL the nonsense. I can proudly say that no other mum in the world would have been able to put up with me. But Amma, not only put up with me, she changed me through her prayers and her ever so abounding love. Thank you Amma.

Amma & Appa

During one of my reading sessions, I came across this story. A display of a mother's love for her child. Enjoy the read...

Love, Paid In Full…..

A little girl came up to her mum in the kitchen one evening whilst she was preparing dinner. She handed her mum a piece of paper she had been writing on. After drying her hands on the towel, her mum read it, and this is what it said :

For washing the car - RM8.00
For making my own bed this week - RM2.00
Going to the provision shop - RM2.50
Playing with little sister - RM1.50
Taking out the rubbish - RM2.00
Getting a good report card - RM20.00
And sweeping the corridor - RM5.00
TOTAL - RM41.00

Her mum looked at her standing there expecting payment. A thousand memories flashed through her mind. So she picked up a pen and turning the paper over, this is what she wrote :

For 9 months I carried you, growing inside me - No Charge
For the nights I sat up with you, doctored you - No Charge
For the toys, food and clothes and wiping your nose - No Charge
When you add it all up, the full cost of my love - No Charge

Well, when the little girl finished reading what her mum had written, she had great big tears in her eyes. She looked at her mum and said, “Mummy, I love you.” Then she took a pen and in great big letters, she wrote……..”PAID IN FULL”


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Hybernating Bear said...

Tipoo... u dun talk to ur moms about everythingz... what about them "sa ko ouuuulaaa"... naaam mean.