Monday, October 22, 2007


Melaka was absolutely fantastic. Before we left, well, actually on Fri, Amma called me to ask me what I felt like eating. After much deliberation, I decided with pooli soru (tamarind rice) - by the way, Amma makes some of the best pooli sorus in town, chicken rendang and karuvade poriyell (fried cuttlefish) - and of course the regular lime pickles and pappadams. Ooooh! Lovely. Anyway, we took the bus down - reached Melaka at about 11am. Appa picked us up from Melaka Sentral, headed home for 'the' lunch. I ate 3 servings.

Pooli Soru

Chicken Rendang

Some chicken perratel as well

Oh yes, I forgot the fried egg-plant (I dont eat that dish) and the fried cuttlefish

As most of you'll know, the reason for this trip is to sort out the purchase of the new drum set. So, after lunch, I rested for a while and headed to the church to meet David who was there with the new drum set - TAMA Superstar EFX Anyway, I just couldnt wait to see it. When it arrived.... sigh! Just look at the pictures below and you will know why. Our old set the MAPEX had served us well for a good 17 years. It was about time we got a new set. Now one of the best parts of the new set is the cymbal set- Sabian B8s This is one of the best cymbals in the markey. I am proud to say that by God's grace we have one of the best drum sets any church would have in the country.

The ol' MAPEX

The Sabian B8s

The foot pedal for the bass drum

And.... here we go TAMA Superstar EFX

That's me testing out the new product. Very nice, I must say....

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