Thursday, October 18, 2007


Selma is sick again. Damn! As most of you know I will be working in Cyber-land from the 29th of Oct onwards. Before that happens, I need to ensure that my ride is fixed properly. Well, Selma needs to go for a thorough check-up. I need to ensure the brakes are sorted and that the engine runs smoothly without any issues. So far, I have not had any issues, well, not since I have been going to the best engine man in town - Ah Meng. But, now it seems like I have some issues. Anyway, I went to see him today and it looks like I need to sort out the timing as well as the brakes (brake pump needs to be changed). I have made the appointment to be on the 26th as Ah Meng will not be free till then. The thing with Ah Meng is that he only does one car at a time. He seems to have customers till then. So, I will have to put up with the problem till then and sort it out once and for all on Fri.
I am looking for someone who can do the floor board. I mean, remove the entire old floor, customize a new one and fix it onto the body of the car. If any of you have any good contacts for such a job, please do tell me. I am in the process of restoring right now. I will start with the floor board, the move on to the engine and then the body work. Finally the painting and the interior. It looks like it will be going to be a 9-12 months project. I will be taking my time, because I only want the best.
More updates soon.

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