Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More On Melaka....

I was driving around in Melaka on Sat - as I had to go to and fro from City Music to the Vicarage getting the cheque signed by Appa and the Treasurer (Uncle Guna) and going back to the shop to get the new acoustic that we bought as well. We bought an Ashton. Good one, I must say. Oh yes how can I forget, David gave me a pair of TAMA Japanese Oaks and the Zildjian Travis Barker (the Blink 182 drummer - who is number 7 on the Top 10 list of the World's Best Drummers) signature series drum sticks. How cool is that? I will take a pic of the sticks one of these days and post it. It was very nice of David for giving me the 2 pairs. After we were done with the payment, he told me to go to the drum sticks cabinet and to show me the 2 best drum sticks in there. I showed him those two and he said, "well Devan, they are yours". I was so suprised as I wouldn't have been able to buy them as they were rather expensive. So. thank you so much David.

Oh yes after that as I was driving around, I saw this..... Now, this is a rare sight. Not only is it rare, it was so well restored. A VW.... Karmann Ghia

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