Saturday, June 23, 2007


As far as I was concerned that was the standard of our performance during the P&W that Ruf'Ruf and I did. While I started singing and playing the piano, some other guy takes a mic and starts singing. It bloody clashes with my voice. I am telling the guy who handles the PA system to turn off that guy's mic, he wonderfully turns off my mic. I couldn't hear myself. I shouted at him, telling him that I can't hear shit and to make matters worse, I can even hear myself - mind you, all this is happening while I am leading the congregation in the first song of the P&W. Finally, he turns back the volume on my mic and just slightly lowers down the other fellow's mic. Yeah, like that will solve the problem. That champion of a guy, realising that his mic is not as loud as it was, starts singing even louder than how he was singing earlier. Damn it! I was so pissed off, but I couldn't do jack. Just went on with it. Somehow it turned out ok. I am a perfectionist. I don't do ok. Ok for me is equivalent to bad, but not really bad. It really hurt, because Ruf'Ruf and I practised for about 5 hours the night before, just to perfect the 4 songs and our pitches. We got home at 6am, slept for 3 hours, got up and came to perform. So, you should be able to realise how pissed I was. Anyway, I kept my head up and told myself that I will not allow a glitch in our earlier performance to screw up our entire morning. I told Ruf'Ruf that we will nail the Special Item song - I Could Not Ask For More (Edwin McCain).

So, we calmed ourselves down and we got back for the Special Item. It turned out much better than the P&W. I am still very sad. In fact, whenever a screw-up like this happens, it bothers me for an entire week. It hurts even more that we did our very best, but people had to **** it up for us. Well, shit happens. That is the only consolation I have - shit happens. But when it happens after spending the entire night rehearsing, I don't know man!

Dham and Pearly have asked us to do a song during the dinner as well. I hope and pray it turns out well.

More to be reported tonight after the performance. We're thinking of doing either More Than Words by Extreme or Faith by George Michael.

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