Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good One....

Our performance at night was good. In fact it was really good. When I walked off the stage, I realised that we had nailed it. It was one of those moments where you feel, “yes man!” I spoke to Dham @ the lunch and told him that I will be singing at the dinner. He had requested for it earlier, so when we realised that we could do it, I confirmed it with him. We got there late, cocktail party started at 7.00pm. Shobie Shobs was there calling me continuously asking me to come as soon as possible. But we were in the Church practicing and perfecting the songs. Once we knew we had to leave, we left. Anto drove us to Rennaisance Hotel. We arrived at the hotel at 8.00pm. Had the first course, then it was charging time. I was so tired from the previous night of not having enough sleep and the long practices. So, I made sure this time I was getting myself as relaxed as possible. We were priviledged to have a waiter who more or less became our personal waiter. He kept bringing to us (just Ruf’Ruf and me) 2 jugs at a time, everytime! So we drank the night at a private bar that we made just outside the ballroom. Anto was our sound engineer and P.A. He kept watch on the programme, to make sure we were ready for our queue.

Two other people sang as well. Our slot was the last one. Our first song was Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John, second one was When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating and as I was about to end the performance, Ruf’Ruf looked up to me and said, ‘one more’. So, we did Change The World by Eric Clapton. While we were singing When You Say Nothing At All, it was very moving when our singing actually managed to get couples to come up and dance. I’ve never had that happen to me while I was singing. It was indeed a moving experience.

We had very good reviews from almost everyone. Everyone loved it and when I hear that they loved it, it drives me to further improve my singing and of course Ruf’Rufs’ guitar playing. So we hope to keep doing this as long as we can. We have a few more weddings to play for, so I hope we can keep improving. A lot of pics were taken, but it will take a while before I get them though. Arvind (the brother of Dham) took some as well. I have told him to send em’ to me. So when I get it, I will upload them.

We will be leaving Melaka in about an hour. Hope to beat the evening rush from Melaka to Seremban. More when I get back.

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