Friday, June 22, 2007


I will be leaving for Melaka trow. You see I would normally go back on Sat and return on Sun. But this weekend, I am going back to attend my friends' Dham's & Pearly's wedding on Sat (morning). He has graciously asked me to sing him a song during the wedding, which I gladly agreed to. Well, normally it is me alone on the piano. But this time, I am taking along with me my lead guitarist (Ruf'Ruf). So, it will be a minor VofW gig. Hopefully we get to do a number in the reception at night in Rennaisance as well.

I hope to take a lot of pics and upload them when I get back. So till then, adios!

To Dham and Pearly CONGRATULATIONS and may God shower His richest blessings upon the both of you always.

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