Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't Faint....

Thank you for the tag-line Akka and Belinda....

This weekend has been rather eventful. My boy Rufus (Rufus is my cousin with a VW as well, he also happens to be the lead guitarist in our band - VW [Vessel of Worship]) came by the house for a convoy trip that was scheduled to be held on Saturday night @ 9pm from PJ through Bangsar, KL and back. I had just got back from dinner, his car was parked at my house, I called him to come out anc chill. When he got out, he said that he wanted to go for the convoy. I said, I had other plans, but I promised him to join him later. As he was talking, he just blacked out and fell down on the grass outside my house. The black out lasted for about 10 seconds and he got up and started talking again. So, the people who were there (Sir, Akka and Belinda) thought that he was pulling a fast one. Upon getting up, he walked into the house compound and this time he fell flat on the ground - hurting the back of his head and his elbow. I knew this was no fooling around. Sir and I carried him into the house. Akka immediately made him a sweet drink. Both the sisters, Akka and Belinda were really good. I presume they must have had some first-aid-training of some sort. Anyway, they brought him back to consciousness. Then, I rushed him to the clinic. His BP had dropped to 80/50 (BP is supposed to be120/80). The doctor opined that he be sent to the hospital to get a thorough check up.

The boys who were supposed to come on the convoy, were already at my house. So, we convoyed him to Assunta Hospital. All the VWs parked in a row in the car park of the hospital. It was really cool! Anyway, got him 'checked-in' then I got back. I am still awaiting the report of the labs on his condition. He had been having fever for the past 4 days before the black-out episode. So that could have been a contributing factor. I just got back after visiting him, I have been seeing him everyday and I can see that he is making progress. He is extremely under weight and he needs to improve on his eating habits. Glad to know that his BP has become normal.

Well, we hope and pray Rufus recovers soon. The both of us have a gig at Dham & Pearly's wedding this Saturday in Melaka. I pray that the doctors will be able to diagnose his problem and cure him completely.

Please pray for my boy Rufus Aston Bexel. God bless!

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