Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dogathon 2007....

It was the time of the year again. Dogathon! We left the house at about 7.30, bought some bfast at a nearby bakery and headed straight to UPM, Serdang. The drive was less than 20 mins. Once we got there, parked our car, then we headed to the field. There were so many doggies. Caesar was so excited, well, he normally is. But whenever he goes to a dog show, he is over-excited. So, we were running all over the place - thanks to Caesar, until I found a nice spot to chill. I brought along with me a huge mat. Once I put spread it down on the spot, underneath 2 huge trees (oh yes, loads of shade), then I just slept for a while. Yes, the effects of drinking too much - I was suffering from a massive hangover. While I took a short snooze, Tasha took Caesar around the grounds.

There were so many dogs. The turn-out was not as great as the 1st year we went, which was 2 years ago, but ok. Last year it was quite big as well. Anyway, loads of stalls selling food, drinks, SPCA & PAWS were there as well, pet-shops selling doggie stuff, horse-rides and all kinds of other souvenir shops as well. It was pretty much like a carnival. Once we had seen everything, we came back to our 'port' and chilled. Dushies came by, so he was busy going around snapping pics.

The event ended at about 1.00pm - by the time, we got back it was 3. We headed out of Serdang, bought some jackfruit on the way, came back to PJ, bought some lunch and got back home. All I had the energy to do was to eat, bathe and sleep. Woke up at about 9pm, went for dinner and came back to watch Man Utd draw with Reading - boy was I disappointed. But then again, it was the first game of the season. I hope Rooney gets well sooner than the projected 2 months.

Here are some of the pics taken at the Dogathon 2007 :-

Caesar getting his check-up @ the Registration Counter by a UPM Vetinerary student

He met a new friend upon registering

Folks were just coming in - 8.00am

This pair is always an attraction - Saint Bernards

Another very friendly G.Retriever

Caesar trying to be friendly with another fellow

At one of the stalls where people are lining up to buy doggie t-shirts

Caesar trying a bit too hard to be friendly - as you can see the other fellow is pulling away

Oh yes, an Irish Setter - Tasha cldnt wait to take a pic with her

Me lying down, chilling - Caesar, my pillow

An American Cocker-Spaniel

A German Shepherd

A Dalmatian

A Rottweiler

A Dobermann

A Boxer (a white one, very rare!)

And finally, a gundu Labrador

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