Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The weekend just flew by. For a while it was Sat morning, I had just come back from work, the next thing I knew, it was already Mon and I was waking up, getting ready to go to work. Arrrggghhhh! Anyway, the weekend was fine - rather eventful, I might add. Sat, my boy Ruf'Ruf and I were invited by Akka to attend the Olympia College Orientation Ball. But before that, Rems called me for tea, this was about 5ish. I had already started having packs of whisky at home. So, he came by and we drank a few until he left to Transit (Harmesh's pub in Aman Suria - btw, Harmesh happens to be Rems' bro-in-law, well Reena's fiancee). I got ready and when Ruf'Ruf came we left for Corus Hotel in KL. We reached the hotel at about 8pm, half way, we were met by Akka, Sir and Leena (Akka's friend). Upon getting to the hotel, we met Belinda & Nie'raen. Dinner started at about 8.30pm, but throughout the night we had loads of performers. I must say, the one I really enjoyed was the Street Performers. This was percussion ensemble that played a lot of percussions and fire dances as well. Good stuff!

Well, once the dinner was done, we left for Transit. As it was the opening ceremony, but boy were we late. Well, as the dinner started late, we had leave late as well. Got to Transit at about 11.30pm. Had a few drinks, then we left. It was nice, I played some pool with Ruf'Ruf and Dush. I had to leave early as I had to wake up early for the Dogathon in the morning. We had to leave once Tasha got back from work at 6.30am.

So, that was Sat. Loads of drinking, btw, even once I got back, I had a few more shots of whisky. Damn! Well, I paid for it, when I went for the Dogathon.

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