Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Man Utd....

Well, well, well...... I know a lot of my office colleagues have been waiting for this post. It was a disastrous weekend, there is no doubt about it. But let me tell you my fellow Pudlians and Blues, the season has just begun. Let us not be carried away with petty wins and scrambling draws (draws which result from penalties which were wrongly given). Hehehehe! I can't wait to see the comments after this! Anyway, as I said earlier and I will say this again, we will put on a fight from now on. It will be an uphill task to move from within fighting distances of the current leaders. The table has not taken shape yet. If I was to predict, I will wait until the Christmas season to see the table taking shape. The team which tops or closes in the gap to the leader of the Premiership at that time (mid Dec towards the end of Dec) will be in contention to win the League.

I will not deny the fact that we have played some of our worst football in years. But it takes a while for the new players to develop chemistry with each other. Some teams have had the luxury of seaming up with ease, others not so lucky. So, let us give it some time. Am I going to throw in the towel? Hell NO! We are talking about the Manchester United Football Club people, not just any push over team. This is a team which has won the League time and time again - not only that, a team which has won the League when we were in 5th place in the middle of the season (1995/96). Am I worried? No..........

Sir Alex has said, it will take a lot to win it this time. To all the Red Devils, let us stand behind the Manager and the best team in the world and carry them through this season.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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