Thursday, August 23, 2007

Singapore Trip This Weekend....

I can't wait to go to Spore. Tasha and I had a tough time getting our passports sorted. She had to apply for a new one and I had to renew mine. I had to go to the Immigration Office for 3 days in a row to sort it out. I finally got it today, phew, what a relief. Anyway, why are we going to Spore? Well, it is Tasha's bro's engagement. I spoke to Rems about a month ago and we have decided to go together. He will be coming with us. In fact, we will be staying with him in JB and then going for the engagement in Spore on Fri and then coming back to JB for 2 nights of continuous partying. The JB boys, namely : Michael, Suresh and Paul, have told us that since they could not spend much time with Tasha and me in Melaka during our engagement, they want to give us a huge party in JB. So that is on the agenda as well.
Rems will be picking us up on Fri morning at about 6am and then we shld be returning to KL on Sun, by afternoon. I will be taking a lot of pics, hope to upload them as soon as I get back. I would love to go to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on Sat, but then again it is up to our host. He is our official driver - cum guide - cum host, heheheheheh! But we hope to go to the zoo, it has been such a long time since I last went to it. It was voted to be one of the best zoos in the world. So I hope to be able to go.
Anyway, more about the trip once I get back.

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