Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It has been a while since I last wrote about my babe. Actually, I have not announced her name to everyone. After much thought on the subject and after consulting a few experts (Akka, Surin and Belinda) on the matter, her name was decided - Selma. I think it really suits her. So, Selma it is.
Well, Selma has been fine. Have been going for her regular check-ups - servicing. But something really sad happened last Sat. My boy Ruf'Ruf and I went to send his car to Suhaimi (Sg. Buloh) for his body restoration work and front axle modification. It was a really hot Sat afternoon, so I decided to go for a one-two session at Picadilly's. While we were there, Foong came and joined us. We were there for about 2 hours and then we had to go home as Tasha was cooking dinner for us. But, on our way back, Ruf'Ruf decided to buy a bottle of whisky and have a small party my place. So, we went and got the liquor and we headed back.

While we were getting ready for dinner, Ruf'Ruf and Foong went out to buy some rice for dinner. They got back in about 15 mins. Upon returning, Ruf'Ruf told me that the car had been in a small accident - by the way, he was driving my car during that time. My boy drove it on a one-way street and a MPV had hit and bolted from the scene of the accident - which I'm glad he did, as Ruf'Ruf was in the wrong for driving in the wrong direction. Anyway, the right back fender of the car had been dented and the paint had been scratched away. It was so hurting to see it as I have never hit the car ever since she was presented to me by Appa exactly 10 years ago on the 4th of August 1997. No accidents whatsoever. It did hurt - in fact it hurt a lot, for her to meet with an accident on her 10th Anniversary. But the boy was so devastated. When I saw how hurt he was (cos' he loves his VW very much as well), I told myself, its fine. He came forward and told me that he will pay for the damages. So, I took her out today to Steven. Now, Steven is one of the best paint-job-cum restoration experts in the Klang Valley, his shop is in Old Klang Road (the left turning at the traffic lights after Taman Tan Yew Lai). So, he advised me on the price. Since there were other small scratches on the car as well, I have told him to patch up all marks around the car. Good quote, I must say! So, this Fri she will be admitted for about 3 days to get the paint work done.
Just in case the some of you'll have forgotten how Selma looks like, here she is:
More on Selma by end of this week.

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