Monday, August 27, 2007

Man Utd....

What a relief it was after the referee blew the final whistle during last nights' game. It was a cruncher man, damn it! Man Utd vs Spurs - the Red Devils were having a tough time holding on to the single goal that we scored. It was a game that I didn't want to miss, but then again, had a tough time watching. This was a good result - we have to keep winning in order to keep our dreams of title defence alive. It won't be easy as all the other teams in the top 10 are playing really good football. The Red Devils have to be very cautious - we can't afford another slip, even draws are unacceptable at this stage of the league.

It was a wonder goal by Nani. I do hope when Ronaldo returns in a games' time and when Rooney returns in approximately 1 months' time we will be able to find our form. In fact the presence of Ronaldo will enhance the opportunity to create more chances and goals.
Well done Man Utd, keep up the winning ways. In fact now, we need to score more goals as our title challengers are all scoring more than 1 goal in their wins. We do not want to loose out on goal differences.
All the best Man Utd, more wins and more goals, fellows!
Glory Glory Man Utd!

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