Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Pics From Dogathon 2007....

Dushies took some pics @ the Dogathon as well, so here they are:-

Myself, Tasha, Amelia (our church member from Christ Church, she is a post-graduate student in UPM pursuing Vet Med) & Caesar (partly hidden)

Caesar chillin'

Caesar waiting for either one of us to ignore him so that he could just run!

More pics from my camera:-

This handler had 5 dogs on his leash. Damn!

A cute couple, a Beagle and an English Cocker Spaniel

This fellow was a centre of attraction as well - a baby Syberian Husky

By the way, the theme was Kings & Castles, so this ChiHuaHua was in fact one of the best dressed ones

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