Monday, March 10, 2008

Dog For Adoption....

Was with Santana and Rems over the weekend, well on Sat. Chilled at Santana's house. Bought some pizzas from Canadian 2-4-1 and mildly celebrated Becky's (Santana's dog) birthday as well. It was her 1st year. Santana, rescued her from a junk yard and now she is a healthy lil' doggie. Well, it was an occasion of 'killing 2 birds with a stone' - we celebrated Becky's birthday and watched the election updates on tele as well. It was a fun evening. Eating, checking out the shocking updates of the 12th GE and seeing how hyperactive Becky is.
Anyway, before we went to Santana's house, we had tea at Makbul Curry House in Subang and then we went to check out a Isuzu Citation being repaired at his workshop. At the workshop, I saw a cute lil' pup who was kept in a cage. According to Santana, it was rescued as well, but they (mechanics) at the shop wanted to find her a home as she deserved a nice home. I have undertaken the responsibility to find her a home.
If any of you'll are interested, kindly contact me as soon as possible as the poor pup will be surrendered to PAWS if no one comes forward.
Thank you all very much.

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