Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Futsal Shoes....

As most of you know, I used to play a lot of futsal - until I injured myself playing it, of course. Well, upon undergoing months and months of rehab and physio, I have started playing again. Yay! It took me a good 5 months to fully recover from my back injury. I still get a slight pain every now and then, but the exercises I am doing now is helping me overcome the discomfort on my back.

I had a good pair of adidas Adiprene Traxion - well, that was not until Vasco came into my life. On the very first day he came to the house, he bit of one of the shoes. And consequently over the next few days, he just took turns biting each shoes, one after the other. Eventually, both the shoes were almost eaten by him. Anyway, I have decided now to buy a new pair of futsal shoes.

I saw this pair on the Net, just a while ago while I was hunting for a good pair of shoes. I will not be buying a turf version for currently, the surface that we play on most of the time is on cement. So, this time it will be a hard surface version. Check it out. This is the adidas adiPURE IN II. It is priced about RM269/-. If you know a place where I can purchase it at a cheaper price, do tell.

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