Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hmmmm.... This is one of the sights that I truly enjoy. Nothing like sipping on a warm glass of whiskey, having a Cuban and just watching the sun go down. I can do that anywhere. I was on one of the best travel sites in the world - and I came across some of the pictures that were posted by travellers around the world. I have put in mine as the 10th entry. Have a look.

COSTA RICA - This was taken from a plane
Louvre, FRANCE

Venice Beach, CA

Kota Kinabalu, SABAH

Marquette, MI
This was taken from a frozen lake

Santorini, GREECE
It would be nice to have a glass of wine and Greek salad with friends isn't

Chobe National Park, BOTSWANA

Key West, FL
Don't have to say anymore....a clear definition where a picture is worth a thousand words

Yeah, this was taken when Jam and myself went for the Miri International Jazz Festival last year, sometime in May.

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