Monday, March 31, 2008


It has been such a long time since I last went back to my hometown. Yeah, for those who didn't know I was born in Ipoh. In fact, went back to Ipoh to finish my upper secondary education before going to college in KL. Anyway, the purpose of the trip was to attend a friend's wedding. So, I used this opportunity to meet up with some old friends and at the same time to enjoy the delights of Ipoh. I have always enjoyed food in Ipoh.
Anyway, we left KL on Sat at about 10am. Reached Ipoh at 12, dropped Caesar & Vasco at my parents' place and then went to have the 'must have' - Ipoh Tauge Chicken. I had mine with kueh teow konloh. It was awesome. After lunch I bought the some bites for the guys at work - 2 types of biscuits and the famous Tambun puffs as well. I bought my favourite honey limes as well. If you've not tried that, well, you should. It is pretty addictive, so I've learnt to eat only once in a while. After that, came back home and rested. Woke up at night for the dinner and then got home and rested. Dinner was really good as well.
We slept early as we had to wake up early for church the next morning. Woke up at 8am and got ready. Attended the 9am service at St. John's Church. St. John's was where Appa was serving for about 9 years (1992-2001). Rev. Joshua Ong, the current Vicar was very welcoming. After service, we headed straight to Sathasivams. This is an Indian restaurant which serves the best appams in town. Sadly, upon getting there, all the appams were sold out. So, we had idlis and then got home. Took the boys out for their walk and we headed to Ipoh Parade and Kinta City to do some light shopping. After about 4 hours of walking and walking, I needed to rest, so we got home and rested as I had to be up at 7pm to attend yet another wedding dinner - one of our mutual friends. Anyway, dinner was at the ACC (Anglican Community Centre) in Buntong. The food was catered by Martin Food Caterers - Mr. Francis Martin the owner is a close family friend. The food was awesome. There was mutton perattel, chicken varuvel, briyani rice, dhalcha, mixed vegetables and fresh fruits. Very nice meal indeed.
After dinner, I was getting ready to head home and I remembered that Anto is in Ipoh. Well, he has been there for the past 2 months. I totally forgot about it. I called him, he was out, but he came within 5 mins. He bought himself a new ride - a nice mean bike. Good for him, although he is under strict instruction from me now to ride it beyond 90kms/h. Anyway, we headed back home to change and then went to Greentown for a night cap. It was good to talk about our old stories and catch up on all the current happenings. I had to send him back by 11pm as that was his curfew. He is a Diocesan Evangelist at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Ipoh. I am happy for him as he is my younger brother. He will become a full fledged Minister of God one day. That is my prayer for him everyday. He is still undergoing both practical and theoretical training. All the best to you my dear brother, make us proud and become a Pastor one day, ok.
After that, I got home and I still felt hungry. There was something missing. I had not had my favourite Merdeka Garden curry mee. I went at 2am to have that. Uncle Tan (the owner of the business), recognised me. It was so nice that he did. We had a long chat. After curry mee, I came back and slept. Had to wake up the next morning to head back to KL.
Woke up the next morning at about 9am and headed straight to Ipoh Old Town - yup, you guessed it right, to have my all time favourite, butter and kaya toast and some soup noodles with yong tow foo which was washed down with a warm mug of Ipoh White Coffee. Damn! It was so god and I almost had another mug, then I decided, no - its ok. I've had enough. Came back, picked up the boys and then headed straight back to KL. Stopped on the way, in Bidor to buy some guavas. We left Ipoh at about 10am and got to Equine Park by 12noon.
All in all an excellent trip. I will be going back to Ipoh sometime in May. This time I will take some pictures.

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