Friday, March 07, 2008


Oh my, I had to go through my worst 2 days this year. I had somehow contracted a virus infection from someone at work and I was down with fever, flu, cough and sore throat. Damn! Yeah, the works baby, the works. Went to the doctors twice as the medication that was given to me the first time round were not strong enough. Anyway, that is the medication. I forgot that I had an audition today at 3pm. We're having our company Annual Dinner and Dance on the 26th of April at Sheraton Imperial, KL. I was asked to perform at the dinner. So, with my still flu'ed up chest, nose and throat, I had to sing just now. Since I was doing it alone (solo, this time as I don't have Jam in the same company), I used a minus one cd. Boy, that was a tough one. I pulled through, by God's grace.
I'm back in the office today, but I am still not a 100%. Throat is still irritating and still having a light fever. I hope to fully recover by this weekend as I need to really take care of my health. I can't afford to allow myself to get sick days before the performance as it will totally ruin my singing.
Hope to get well soon and of course to keep fit, well, at least until the performance.

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