Tuesday, November 13, 2007

:) and :(

Upon much deliberation, I have decided to part with Selma. Santana called me yesterday and informed me of an offer way too good to refuse. As you all know, the damage for the VW is approx RM2,500 - whether it is to change the engine or to overhaul. He has suggested to trade-in the VW for a Malaysian car. Which means, I would not have to repair the VW. I will basically be trading in the car without an engine. I guess the guys buying the VW must be a real lover of VWs :( Damn! I never knew it would come down to this.
In fact, I never knew I would ever buy a Malaysian car, ever. But at this point of time, I can't be too choosy. I have to be practical. The proceeds from the trade-in of the VW will be going into the downpayment of my new car. It is most likely going to be a Proton Waja. I am still contemplating on whether it is going to be the Persona or the Waja. But I somehow prefer the space Waja offers. I will not have to pay anything throughout the entire sale and purchase. I will be also transferring my number plate from the VW into the new car.
I am in the midst of compiling all the documents needed to arrange for the loan. If everything goes well, I will be getting the new car by next week. I just hope and pray everything goes well.

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