Friday, November 02, 2007

New Addition To The Family....

I have always wanted another fur-kid. It is just one of those things you know. Some people wished they had a PS2, some wished they had the latest & most sophisticated sound system fitted in their cars - but I have always wanted another doggie. I have always wanted to have a Beagle. Yeah, I have always wanted my own Snoopy. Well, by God's grace, one of Tasha's managers' told her that someone game him a Beagle pup. Now, since he already has a Beagle he wanted to give him away. So he asked Tasha if she wanted to have him - and by the way, Tasha has always wanted one as well. So, we spoke and decided that yes, of course man, come on. We picked him up from Sec. 14 (Tasha's manager's mum's place). Anyway, he is such a bundle of joy. Caesar came along with us as he was about to meet his new younger bro. The initial introduction wasn't as good as we thought it would be. But the boys are getting along pretty well now. They look very cute together.
Oh yes, before I forget, how can I forget. His name.... Vasco. Vasco is 10 1/2 months old. Yup! I have 'Julius Caesar' and now 'Vasco da Gama'. But I must say, Vasco is a riot. On his first day, he ate a tube of toothpaste, chewed on a couple of shoes, drank some cooking oil which was on the kitchen cabinet and he has successfully taken all the rags from inside the house into the garden - I don't know, I guess he must be making his own bed there. Oh yes, he is such a riot! But, we are getting to know him and so is he. Tasha has started training him. The boy is toilet trained as well, so he only does his business in the garden and when I take him for his walks. Tasha walks Caesar and I walk Vasco.
I hope he brings much joy to everyone who comes to our house as much as he gives us. I have taken a few pics of him. I will be uploading them by this weekend. So, look out everyone, we have the 2 most influential army generals at our home. In fact, they are not so much army trained, they are more welcoming committee ushers, but its all good!
Welcome to the Batumalais, Vasco!

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