Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sweet Lord! This is the most tiring of all moves I have ever done. Since Appa has been moving around, due to the transfers within West Malaysia, I have had my fair share of moves. But this is rather tiring. I am moving from PJ to Equine Park. Firstly, the arrangement of the transportation (lorry), then it is the arrangement of the Astro, air-cond and water heater fixing in the new house and then it is the packing itself. We've been put through a lot over the past week. I've been really busy at work, yet, I've had to come home, rest for a bit and start packing.
Our official last day at the famous No. 18, Jalan 14/27, Section 14 is on the 29th of November 2007. We will have to move into our new house which is in Equine Park on the 30th. Having a lot of guys from the office living nearby will definitely be interesting. I have the likes of Veke (my new neighbour, who has promised me to walk Caesar and Vasco every evening), Vicky (who only lives 10 minutes away - who will be joining me for a lot of 'tanni sessions'), Vikhram (who also lives 10 minutes away) and the main organiser of all drinking sessions - Paul Michael. Now, Paul lives in Kajang, but Seri Kembangan is almost his second home. He spends most of his nights there. I can't wait for us to be settled in as soon as possible as we've promised the boys to have a House Warming Party sometime during the second or third week of December. I will keep all of you informed of the date once the details are confirmed.
I hope and pray we will manage the move without any problems. Please pray for us.
Thank you all very much.


Anonymous said...

Haffun at your new place bro. tc always -dush

Louisa said...

Oh fab !!