Tuesday, November 20, 2007


What a journey it was? The thing is the night before my trip back to Melaka, we had a small house party among my new office mates. It was a night (or rather morning) of eating, drinking and gambling (I have no clue whatsoever on how to gamble, but I did receive some pointers from Paul, Sherril & Vikhram). Anyway, the session started with slow drinking and bites. It eventually got heavy. Paul, started his regular 'down from the bottle' episodes. Since I was a 'newbie', I had to down 3 shots of whisky at one go (from the bottle). But everyone had to get a shot of it. Veke was really funny. I was the designated bartender for the night. So, I poured the same amount for everyone (well, Sherril only had 4 drops! No, seriously, ONLY 4 drops which were divided into 2 rounds). Veke kept saying, that I was over-pouring the whisky amount for him. Well, I must admit, initially, it was a lil' more, but later on it was the same amount. But all in all it was a very good morning. I would say, it was a good introduction to the 'oh so friendly' lot. Oh yes, I had to leave at 8.45am as I had a 10am bus to catch. Tasha came and picked me up - so she joined us for a while as well. Was she spared from the whisky shot? Obviously NOT. LOL! But she downed it like a champion and we left.
Reached PJ at approx 9.15am. Called a cab on my way back and left home at about 9.30am. We reached Pudu at 9.45 and boarded the bus immediately. It was an interesting trip back. Why? Well, I would normally dread the trip back, because I would be so tired by the time I get to Melaka and my back would be so screwed (to some of you'll who didn't know, I ruptured 2 of my discs on my backbone, and the road to recovery has been freakin' long). But this time, it was a joyous trip back. I was enjoying the sceneries and feeling so relaxed. It is a 2 hour ride, but it didn't feel like 2 hours.
Upon arriving in Melaka, Auntie Rani (Tasha's aunt) picked us up and sent us home. Upon arriving at the house, Amma was waiting with some lovely, lovely lunch. By the way, the menu was given to her 2 days ago. There was fish sambal, french beans with prawns, pappadams and lime pickles. Lovely! I had 3 helpings. After lunch, rested for a while and left for church. I was doing the P&W in the morning (this was a last minute thing - the girl who was supposed to do it fell ill, so I had to step in), so practised on my own. I was playing the piano and singing. My drummer (Martin) was only going to come back from KL at night, so I practised on my own.
After practice, got ready and left for Andy & Karen's wedding reception. Karen is Tasha's best friend. In fact that was the main reason we went back. It was held at Everly Resort Hotel (formerly known as Riviera Bay Resort). After dinner, we headed to Pure Bar our normal hang out in Melaka, well, this is our next preference compared to Ringos. After a few beers, I was so tired so we got home - if you realise, I have still not slept yet. So, got home at about 1am and and knocked off.
Woke up early Sun morning at 7.30am, walked to church. Had one final run of practice with Martin this time and service started. P&W was lovely. After church, got home, packed and got a lift to Melaka Sentral. Took the 2pm bus, got back to KL by 4.30pm. Mark was waiting to fetch us. Got home and rested. All I wanted to do was just watch tele, laze around the house and play with Caesar and Vasco. And that was exactly what I did.
A good trip, I must say.


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