Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was pleased to see that I received a lot of feedback from coffeeholics. I liked this particular reply. Since the feedback or comment feature only allows 300 characters, I thought I'd post this reply. And by the way, Ms. James, I only have 1 cup of tea a day - that is a fair amount :) I will still reiterate, please slow down on the coffee all you coffee lovers.
Check the reply out....
Dear Mr Batumalai,
I read with keen interest your account on the pitfalls of drinking coffee and I could not help but wonder, seeing that you have a strong preference for tea, is this then not a biased account against java lovers who have an deep seated passion for this elixir?
“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.” That’s the recipe for coffee, according to the utterly French diplomat Talleyrand(1754-1838). In the meantime, may I induct you to the pure, adult, sexy, joy that comes from a steaming mocha macchiato or even better we’ll give you a decaf grande skimlatte (so that the non-coffee drinker can sleepfitfully and it's kind on the waistline as well).
P/s: Sir, may I add that most of the answers to the questionnaire you posed can be attributed to stress and not coffee. Excuse me now, I’m off to my favourite Ipoh Old Town Coffee Shop, I could do with a white coffee made the old fashioned way with condensed milk. Care to go for a walk on the wild non-tea side of life?
Brenda James

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