Monday, November 12, 2007


Selma got hurt again :( Damn! This time it is rather serious. I was on my way to work last Fri and upon exiting the 2nd toll going into Cyberjaya, I saw the oil indicator coming on. Within 15 seconds of that happening, I heard a metal grinding sound from my engine. Drove her slowly to the Cyberjaya exit and right in front of the LimKokWing University she broke down. Opened the bonnet and it was smoking lightly. I somehow knew the damage was bad. Checked the oil level - it was at an all time low. How can that be? I am very careful about the engine oil. I always top it up. Called Paul (one of my TLs) who told me to take my time in sorting it out. It was very nice of him to allow me to get the car sorted. He sent Lionel, another colleague of mine who came almost immediately. We went and bought the engine oil from Petronas and came back to fill it. I filled it and left it for almost half an hour, but this time the level showed way above the maximum level. As far as I know the 1200 Beetle only take about 2 1/2 litres. How can that be? Then another fright striked me - the oil pump must have gone bust. The oil was not being pumped into the entire engine. Damn! AGAIN! Anyway, I slowly drive her to the front of my office and parked her in front of the guard house. Told the guard to take care of her until I managed to get my tow truck to come by. Only managed to sort my AAM on Sat as my registration had expired. Tow truck came on Sun, went to the office to meet the mechanic who towed her to Santana's (a close friend of mine who has ever so willingly helped me with all my repairs) house. Parked it there and went back home.
Santana called me a while ago and said the damage was approximately RM2,500/- (the entire engine has been damaged due to no lube - the excessive oil lost was due to the fact that there was a leak in the oil bucket) Yup! I know, that is exactly how I reacted. He gave me 2 options. First option was to change the engine to a 1600 F-Injection engine and the 2nd option was to do a complete overhaul on the existing engine. According to him it would be better to opt for the 2nd option as we do not know the condition of another engine. So, I am still in a dilemma. I am not sure what I should do. Believe it or not, one of the options I have considered is to sell her away. Do the overhaul and then sell her. It is getting a bit too much for me to bear. The cost is too exhorbitant for me. Especially knowing that I have been spending non stop on her ever since I brought her to KL. She was doing so fine in Melaka. Anyway, guys, please give me some suggestions. I am in dire need of advise.

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