Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm so sorry about the delay in the uploading of his pics. I have been rather busy with work. Anyway, as I have mentioned Vasco is such a rascal. He eats more grass than a grazing cow (although dogs do eat a little grass from time to to for digestion - he practically makes it a meal), he has successfully torn down our shoe rack, he has chewed on his eating bowl (plastic) - it seems disfigured now, my futsal shoes is basically chewed off and .... sigh, non-stop of nonsense every now and then. I guess he is teething and that he is familiarising himself with the new surroundings. It is a pity because, I somehow feel he was neglected by his previous owner. Amidst all the nonsense he does, we are still showering him with love - of course making sure that Caesar does not mind. We play with Caesar more. We have to be more loving towards Caesar as he can be rather possessive. And further, Caesar is already an adult (3 years old), where as Vasco is only a pup (10 1/2 months old). Caesar will naturally feel it if less attention is given to him. So Tasha and I have begun showing Vasco that Caesar is still the dominant one.

It is nice to see the both of them playing, drinking water together after their walks and running around the house compound barking at all the cats in the neighbourhood. I hope Vasco will calm down a lil'. He is so hyper active. Beagles are generally active, but Vasco seems to be .... phew - a whole new level you'l!

Here he is - can you see the mischief in his eyes:-

Just look at him la, aiyoh, such an innocent face. But behind that.....
Vasco, trying to concentrate on some food that he was eyeing
Check out the way he sits down

Fooling around with Caesar

Caesar is just too tired from running around. Look at him, still in the mood to play

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